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Romacon repair clamps are flexible clamps, consisting of one or more stainless steel clamp sections covered with a rubber gasket.They are used for a quick, easy and permanent repair of broken, corroded or damaged water and gas pipes.They can be installed on Ductile Iron, Grey cast Iron. steel, Asbestos Cement and Plastic pipes with working pressure up to 30 bar(see downloadable pdf files for specific product information).


Provides a fast and economical repair to small damages in pipes up to ND 300 caused by corrosion and frost. They are applied on board of ships and by plumbers for repairs above ground.


One band full circumferential clamp with a working range of 4 mm. In fact it is a small version of the RS-1 clamp, used for the repair of pipes for which a RS-1 is not available (ND of 1/2" up to 2").


Designed for pipes with DN 50 up to and including DN 300 RS-C clamps can be used as an economical alternative to RS-1 clamps, but only for local damages.


One band full circumferential clamp.Available for pipe OD 44 mm up to including pipe OD 346 mm Working range 7-11 mm depending on pipe diameter.


Double band full circumferential clamp.Available from range 88-110 up to including range 625-645 mm.Working range max 22 mm


Triple band full circumferential clamp.Available from range 380-410 up to including range 1.050-1.080 mm. Working range max 33 mm Larger pipes can be repaired by our RS-4 (4 band) or RS-5 (5 band) Clamps.

Split Barrel

The Romacon split barrel repair clamp is used for the repair of leaking couplings, broken AC couplings and high pressure pipes.

Emergency Combi Repair Box

The combi repair clamp box consist of 5 shell sections in different dimensions, allowing a pipe repair for pipes between pipe OD 213 mm and 669 mm.


Romacon repair clamps can be equipped with a threaded outlet(up to 4*) or a flanged outlet (up to DN 400).Clamp specification for clamps with a tapped outlet are identical to standard clamps. Clamps with a flanged outlet(style SST) have a strong upper body half. Stailless steel are an economical alternative tapped full circle clamps. Available gasteks are SBR/NBR/EPDM.


One band clamp with threaded outlet.


Two band clamp with threaded outlet.


One band, half circle, clamp with threaded outlet.


Two band clamp with flanged outlet.The upper body is reinforced to accommodate the installation of valves etc.Light weight for easy installation. Full circle construction for optimal pipe support.Bolts can point towards the flange or away from it.


Stainless steel tapping saddle, available from range 68-78 mm and higher.Threaded outlets from 1/2" -4". 2 straps for tap sizes over 2".A specially grooved ring is embedded in the rubber gasket.A rubber inlay in the lower shell half is available on request.


Ductile Iron, epoxy coated tapping saddle.The tapping saddle is suitable to make (hot) taps on Steel / DI / AC and plastic covered pipes.A special O-ring, combined with a flat ring gasket ensures a high quality connection.The Z-Combi saddle can be supplied with a BSP tapped outlet and Polva outlet from 1/2" up to incl. 2".Available for pipe diameters from DN 40 up to incl. DN 600